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Extract the Most Value from Your Data

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We Practice

the Art of Data Science in Your Business Context

We provide tailor-made solutions to fit your specific business objectives so you can harness the power of Big Data.

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Consulting and Proof of Concept

We assist you in creating a vision for the future and a roadmap to get there while building a prototype so you are sure it could be real.

Data Integration and Warehousing

Our data engineers assist in data ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) system implementation to integrate a variety of data sources and formats. We also help you design your data warehouse infrastructure to properly store your data and make it easy to analyze.

Data Mining and Analysis

Our data scientists will work with your business experts to rapidly turn raw data into significant insights in your customers and markets to guide your marketing, investment, and management strategies, and allowing you to make proactive and knowledge-driven decisions.

Data Presentation

We understand that insights can only influcence actions when they are fully understandable. Data presentation, being the last mile of your Big Data efforts, is as important as data mining. Our data engineers assist you present your data as efficiently as possible using the best-fit methods, to the point that the value of your data becomes self-explained.


We build customized BI applications from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to fully production ready system. We tailor our product to empower everyone within your organization to leverage valuable insights while keep security, privacy, and reliability in check.


For the new technology to be successful in your company, you will need to win over your staff to its use. We help our clients provide their employees tailored on-site education and training on understanding, integrating, and best utilizing AI technologies in their daily work.

Our AI Expertises

Predictive Analytics

  • Asset valuation/pricing
  • Customer behavior prediction
  • Logistics Management

Nature Language Processing

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Topic segmentation and recognition

Computer vision

  • Image Recognition, detection, and classification
  • Emotion/Attention identification



From asset valuation to risk management, our technology offers investment insight based on more comprehensive considerations of indicators, provide personalized options, and improve the efficiency of the process.

Supply Chain

From demand forecasting to inventory planning to factory scheduling, our technology helps analyzing a wide rage of constraints in supply chain.


Our technology leverages customer data to to build a clearer picture of your target audiences than ever before and to anticipate their next move almost in real-time, thus greatly boost your campaigns’ performance and ROI.


Our technology is helping education institutions provide students very personalized education planning service and adaptive learning programs.

Why work with us

Savvy team

All our core data team are from top 10 engineering schools with 70% in Data Science or Computer science majors and average 7 years of working experience.

Focused efforts

We are NOT fans of multi-tasking. Instead, we value the high efficiency, seamless team collabaration, and unterrupted creativity brought by 100% focus. Each of our data experts is assigned to only one project at a time, no matter large or small.


We don't exaggregate the magic of data science or AI just to win a contract. We evaluate and present the benefits we can bring to a client objectively and honestly, so the client can make informed decisions on their data efforts.

Satisfied clients

All our clients stay with us. Phase one is always followed by phase two, and then phase three. Our clients show their satisfaction by their actions.



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